About David Shurin

David Shurin, MBA, founder of David Shurin Consulting Associates LLC, has been a real estate consultant in the New York City area for over 25 years. His wide range of qualified experience includes guiding his clients in the processing of J51 tax abatements, MCI rent increases, MBR controlled rent increases, general DHCR work, andother services.

Many years of experience have provided David Shurin with the ability to anticipate complications that can and do arise in the preparation and resolution of these applications. He understands what can go wrong and anticipates and avoids problems based on his previous successes and occasionalcontests with various city and state agencies where necessary.

A critical element leading towards the approval of our applications is expert responsiveness. The firm’s practice is geared toward this type of service. Many matters are complex and time sensitive, requiring critical input or support from multiple areas such as law, contracting, government agencies and accounting.

David Shurin’s computerized operation files Tax Abatement and Rent Increase applications on a regular basis and his success rate in securing these approvals is close to 100%. The only time a J-51 application may not be approved, would be due to an owner failing to clear some of his violations, which is very rare. MCI applications may not be approved because of service reductions. In both of the above cases the office works with the owner on resolving these problems, also.